ღ♥ How to know when a guy likes you;If he is whipped…..Or just wants to hit it, quit it, and be done with it.

Published July 16, 2008 by iAmMissAdvice


First let me start off with if he REALLY likes you

A guy that really likes you will want to be around you all the time, unless he is the shy type.

With this type;he may stay his distance.A guy that really likes you, won’t disrespect you, some guys that are very argumentative may pick at you, and even sometimes be mean to you.They only do this because they really love you or like you. Has your crush every been around you, and he talks to everyone at the table, except  YOU ?Do you feel  kinda feel invisible?

Sometimes boys do this because they think that if they conversant with your friends, it would somehow get your attention. Have you ever been somewhere , and your crush was around, and they see you, and all the sudden and  get really loud?

They are not doing this because they have a big ass mouth, they are more likely doing it to impress you. This is probably when you have this guy whipped, meaning he will do anything you say which is “whipped” or wrapped around your finger.

If this guy takes time out to spend with you instead of hanging with his home boys, or friends, then, you also have this guy whipped.Sometimes,he might just be staring at you when you aren’t looking. A guy that likes you will want to hold your hand, , take you out.But,if he just wanted to hit it, then, why would he want to show you off?A guy that likes you for you, will talk to you, even if  you are looking nice that day, or looking like you just got out of bed.This is the kind of guy that you stick with, bad attuide or not that day, he is able to deal with it,

If a boy just wants to hit it and quit it,

If a boy just want to just hit it, , his eyes will mostly be focusing on your body on the time. He only comes around when you look good.Also, he doesn’t want to talk about his personal life, because then, that would make you get attached to him.  That is the last thing he wants, , and if he tells you something about his personal life, he is more than likely lying. When you two conversant is the conversation, mostly focused on sex,?Is he throwing hints about sex?, Some boys  just talk about sex, or may just throw it at you( a comment), maybe because his foot is in his mouth, , and he is nervous. He may  only want your attention, and wants a little small talk. Does this boy care about your emotions? Does he even bother to ask, ?

If a boy really likes you then, he cares about you, , He will talk to you like he would with one of his homeboys.If this boy is constantly licking his lips at you , more than likely he wants to just hit that,

Here’s a little non-verbal language for you also,

If a guy touches you on your arm, he is saying I want to be close with you, I want to get to know you as a person,

Now, if a guy touches you on your waist, then, he is saying, I want to have sex with you, I see you as a sexual partner, , ,

If a guy has his legs wide open he is trying to to tell you you what he has to offer below the belt,

If a guy is trying to hug you or hold your hand, or wraps his arms around you, then he trying to tell you he is open for a relationship,

Sometimes if a guy likes you his feet will be pointing in your direction, even when he isn’t facing you, they could be facing your way, ‘

If he is constantly brushing his hair or flexing his muscles, while your around him, then, that means he is trying to look good for you , or impress you

If you have any questions, or anything about relationships ask me, , I could probably give you good advice ,-)

Sincerely,Miss Advice.



11 comments on “ღ♥ How to know when a guy likes you;If he is whipped…..Or just wants to hit it, quit it, and be done with it.

  • this is really cool,this gave me more confidence,if the boy i know likes me, but i think he only wants one thing from me,thanks 4 this tho 🙂

  • hhmmmm. well i know for a fact hes NOT whipped. he either likes me and is shy.. or just wants to hit it.
    hes so confusinggggg!!!!!

  • To Maxima, Thanks for asking the question, I will be posting something today anyway on Flirting Tips About Guys, so this was kinda a reminder,for me to post it, because I almost forgot, Thanks though ,-)))

  • p.s. to the author, MissAdvice: great stuff! your research and personal experience gives this much flair 🙂
    keep doing what you’re doing cause you’re doin it great!
    (im FINALLY seventeen today is my birthday woooo)
    xoxo heidi

  • This is really great advice. And it’s nice to come back to this page and read it, nice wording. I’m definetly putting this blog in my favorites, thanks.

    And if it isn’t too much to ask, could you put advice to know if a guy likes you.. and another girl?

    Again, thanks.

  • Wow so my crush does like me but he likes me as a sexual partner he is always licking his lips nd looking at me up and down and opening his legs to me and looking at my ass omfg I hate this!

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